Altair® Panopticon


CONTENT Repository

Previous versions of the server stored workbook files in the Workbooks subdirectory of the application data directory (i.e., c:\vizserverdata\Workbooks), and older versions of those workbooks in the Archive subdirectory (i.e., c:\vizserverdata\Archive). Starting with the 2020.0 release, workbooks are now stored in a version tracking repository, located in the .repository subdirectory (i.e., c:\vizserverdata\.repository).

The repository also stores other types of content that was previously stored in separate subdirectories of the application data directory, such as data files and bookmarks.

The new workbook repository tracks changes to content, folders, and permissions. It also makes it possible for multiple servers to synchronize their repositories, so you only have to make changes to a workbook on one node in a server cluster, and it will automatically propagate to the other servers [see section on cluster configuration].

The first time you start the 2020.0 server, it will initialize an empty repository in the application data directory. If you are upgrading an existing install you have the option of migrating content from the old application data directory into the new repository [see section on content migration].

For the list of properties that control the repository behavior, refer to those starting with ‘repository.’ in the Properties: Panopticon section.