Altair® Panopticon


[3] Authentication


Panopticon Real Time provides multiple approaches on authentication. It can easily be configured to use different authentication mechanisms depending on the environment and the setup. The server only supports authentication and authorization and does not have any support for user management or administration of users.

There are mainly two properties that manage the authentication on the server. These properties are listed and described in the table below. Please note that more properties might need to be configured depending on the authentication mechanism you are using.



Default value


The required role or group that the user needs to be identified as a Panopticon user. The property can be left blank if no role or group is required.



This property will make the authentication required. It will force the user to login in order to use any of the services provided by the server.



The type of authentication that should be used when authenticating the user. The property allows the following values: BASIC, FILTER, HEADER, OAUTH2, SAML, WINDOWS.



The default domain information for user authentication.