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Adding Groups and Users with Allowed Authorization

A user with an Administrator or Designer role can grant permissions for users or groups to a workbook folder or subfolder.


1.     Right-click on a folder (except the root folder) and select Permissions on the context menu.


The Permissions dialog displays.

2.     Under the Allowed section, click the Add  icon.

A new User/Group Allowed section is displayed.


3.     Select User or Group to be given permission in the drop-down list.



4.     Enter the user or group Name.

5.     Select the permission level that will be granted to the user or group:

·         READ

Permission to read the folder.

·         READ + WRITE

Permission to write to the folder and read.

·         MODIFY + WRITE + READ

Permission to read, modify, and write to the folder as well as create subfolders.


6.     Click . The user or group is added under the Allowed list.


7.     You can either:

·         check the Apply Permissions to Subfolders box

This means the permissions that will be used on all of the subfolders will be fetched from the root folder.


The Apply Permissions to Subfolders:

·         is only enabled when there is an existing subfolder.

·         does not affect the personal folders.



·         leave the Apply Permissions to Subfolders box unchecked and modify the permission properties of the subfolders

8.     Click  to save the changes.