Altair® Panopticon



Accessing Workbooks

The default home page for Panopticon Real Time lists available folders and uploaded or published workbooks in Grid View.

q  The Folders include their names and the number of available workbooks.

q  The Workbooks include their titles, thumbnail images, and when they were last modified.

Recently opened workbooks are also displayed under the Quick Access pane.


Clicking on the workbook thumbnail opens it on the web browser.





The  signifies there are more dashboards in a workbook that can be opened. Click this icon to expand the drop-down list and display all of the available dashboards and select one to display.






The Back  button allows going back to the root folder. It is only available on the toolbar section of the  Open Workbook in View Mode  if startURL is available in the workbook.json file located in <appdata>/JavaScriptConfiguration/.

However, for the Back button to use the browser history to navigate back despite startUrl being set in the file, add useBrowserHistoryToNavigateBack and set to true.

After updating the workbook.json file, restart the Panopticon application.