Altair® Panopticon


JNDI Connection Details

JNDI Connection details are specified in Panopticon Real Time configuration file panopticon.xml.

Each connection has the following structure:

<Resource name="jdbc/[Unique Name]






       username="[User Name]


       driverClassName="[Class Name]"




q  Unique Name: Defines the unique JNDI resource name to be used

q  User Name: The username to authenticate to the database

q  Password: The password to authenticate to the database

q  Class Name: The Class Name specific to the Database’s JDBC Driver

q  URL: The URL specific to the Database’s JDBC Driver, and selected Server instance and database.

Additionally, other key attributes of the JNDI resource are:

q  maxActive: The maximum number of active connections that can be allocated from this pool

q  maxIdle: The maximum number of connections that will be kept active even when there are no requests.

q  maxWait:  Maximum time in milliseconds to wait for a database connection to become available