Altair® Panopticon



Takes an old Workbooks folder and scans it for GroupAccessPermissions.xml  files, collects them, and outputs a single file that can then be consumed by the server.



-wf, - workbookFolder

Path to old Workbooks folder, defaults to the current folder.

-o, - outputFile

Path to file where the result will be output. Default is stdout.

-wa, - writersAdmin

If users that had write permission on the old server should additionally get admin permission on the new server, defaults to not. The old server only had read and write, the new one has read, write, and admin.

-tf, - targetFolder

Path to subfolder on target server where you intend to import the workbooks, if not the root folder.



·         Special treatment of empty input folders:

If a workbook folder did not have a GroupAccessPermissions.xml file, the old server would treat it as if the “Everyone” group had both read and write access to it. This is made explicit in the PCLI verb, which adds this permission to the output.

For example:

pcli convertpermissions -wf /appdata17/Workbooks/ -o perms.json -wa -tf /migrated/

This creates perms.json  which can then be used to restore the permissions from the old server on the new server if you import the old workbooks into the “migrated” workbook folder.

·         See also the parameter repository.startup.apply.permissions.path.