Altair® Panopticon


Create Task to Send an MS Excel File via Email

Panopticon Real Time provides the functionality to create tasks to generate and email MS Excel files.


1.     On the New Task pane, enter the Name of the task and click . Ensure the name is unique.

2.     Tap the Activated slider to turn it on.

3.     Select the Trigger. You can either select:

·         Period then enter the Interval (in seconds), or

·         CRON then enter the CRON Expression.

4.     Select the task Type: Email Excel.

Upon selecting Email Excel, the Scheduler page changes to allow specification of the following:

·         Enter the Description of the task.

·         Select the Workbook Name in the drop-down list. These are the published workbooks available in the Workbooks page.

·         Select the dashboards to include in the MS Excel file by checking their corresponding boxes in the Dashboards drop-down list.



Multiple tables per dashboard are inserted in a sheet of the MS Excel file.



5.     You can also opt to:

·         enter the Parameter Values that will be added as parameters to the subject line of emails or as dashboard values in the MS Excel file

Such as Parameter=Value, and are comma separated. For example:




The following Date/Time range querying parameters are also supported in the Email Excel task:

·         CurrentTime

·         LastWorkDay

·         WeekStart

·         QuarterStart

For example:


However, when there is no Date/Time format supplied, the default format yyyy-MM-dd will be used instead.



·         check the Hide Scrollbars box.

6.     Enter the Width and Height of the MS Excel file. Default values are 1024px and 768px, respectively.

7.     Enter the Table Style. Default is TableStyleMedium4.

8.     Enter the email address of the recipient in the To field.

9.     You can opt to enter the following:

·         the CC and/or BCC recipients of the email separated by a comma.

·         the mail message subject to be used in the email notifications in the Subject field.



Supports dashboard parameters.



·         the content of the email in the Body box.

10.   Click .

Click  to go back to the Tasks pane. The new task is added in the list.