Altair® Panopticon


Managing API Tokens

On the API Tokens page, an Administrator user can add API Tokens that returns a key used for authorizing requests to the server.


1.     Click . The Create an API Token dialog displays.

2.     Enter the Label.

3.     Click . The New API Token Created dialog displays with the auto-generated key.



The key will not be displayed again.



4.     Click  to ensure you have a copy of the key and paste in a secure location.

5.     Click . The new API Token is displayed on the list.


In the list, the following properties are displayed for each API Token:




Label of the API Token.

NOTE: Select a label that is easy for you to remember.

Created By

The user who created the API Token.

NOTE: Only Administrator users can create API Tokens. However, the keys can be used by anyone as long as they are not revoked.

Last Accessed

Date/Time when the API Token was last accessed.



Click on any of these column headers then click the Sort Order to sort the list.


·            Ascending

·           Descending

You can also opt to click  to remove and revoke the API Token from the server.



If the returned key is key123, then you can utilize the API services by setting an authorization header such as below:

Authorization="Bearer key123"

In the cURL, you can add a header flag such as:

-H "authorization: Bearer key123"