Altair® Panopticon


[21] Panopticon Resources

Clicking  on the top right section of the toolbar displays the other Panopticon online resources that users with an Administrator role can access.



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Release Notes

List of new features and fixed issues in the release.

Technical Fact Sheet

Overview of the Panopticon components which consists of:

·         system requirements

·         features

·         supported data connectivity and visualizations

·         custom code data connections, transforms, and ML model scoring

·         filtering and data capabilities

Real Time Reference Guide

Panopticon Real Time documentation for users with an Administrator role which consists of:

·         installation, system requirements, and licensing options

·         supported authentication mechanisms

·         advanced and optional steps or deployments

·         system administration of the server including the logs, subscriptions, caches, scheduled tasks, and logged in users

·         viewing and managing of workbooks and data templates

·         creating and managing of data templates, global parameters, alerts, workbook themes

·         PCLI command utilities

·         REST API examples

·         troubleshooting guide

·  discussion

Available upon installation.

Analyst Client User Guide

Panopticon Real Time documentation for users with a Viewer role which consists of:

·         viewing and analysing of workbooks

·         creating, monitoring, and deleting of alerts

Available upon installation.

User Community

Link to the Panopticon User Community page.

Data Analytics Documentation

Link to the Altair Data Analytics Documentation page.