Altair® Panopticon


Adding a Conflate Operator

The conflate operation is used to lower the frequency of updates. The conflate will retain the last records seen on the input and push them to the output stream on a fixed interval. For example, if the input is producing a high frequency data throughput, instead of processing all of these updates, a configured conflate will only push through a small set of records on a fixed interval.


1.    In the Application page, click  and select Conflate in the Add Operator pane.

The Conflate node  icon displays in the Graph panel, as well as the properties to be defined in the Operator Settings panel, and the preview of the data in the Schema panel.


This operator has left (inbound) and right (outbound) edges that allow connection to other operators in the application.

2.    In the Operator Settings panel, define or select the following properties:



Node ID

The ID of the conflate operator.


Automatically connects to the currently-selected operator.

You can select another ID of the operator that will be the source of the data in the Inputs drop-down list.

The preview of the data (INPUT and OUTPUT) are displayed in the Schema panel.


The interval of which the data should be published to the output stream (in milliseconds).


The timestamp.

Keep Records

Check to retain or not remove flushed elements. This means the entire set of records will be flushed at each interval.



Node ID, Inputs, and Interval are required properties.



3.    Save the changes.




<conflate> <id>Conflate </id> <interval>10000</interval> </conflate>