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Adding a Rekey Operator

Takes a stream data and changes its key. The new key can be any subset of fields from the stream.


This operator can never be applied to a table since tables require keys to be unique and therefore, you need to specify how multiple records with the same key should be aggregated.




1.    In the Application page, click  and select Rekey in the Add Operator pane .

The Rekey node  icon displays in the Graph panel, as well as the properties to be defined in the Operator Settings panel, and the preview of the data in the Schema panel.


The right (outbound) edge allows you to connect to the other operators.

2.    In the Operator Settings panel, define or select the following required properties:



Node ID

The ID of the rekey operator.


The stream of records or input you will be subscribed to.


The key column. Proceed to step 3.



Node ID, Inputs, and Key properties are required.



3.    In the Key section, click  to select the new key column in the drop-down list box from the data source schema. Repeat to add more.

You can also delete a key column in the list by checking its box and clicking .

The preview of the data (OUTPUT) is displayed in the Schema panel.


4.    Save the changes.



<rekey> <id>rekey1</id> <key> <field>Ticker</field> <field>Volume</field> </key> </rekey>