Tutorial: Working with Extensions

Learn how to add and install an extension through the Extension Manager.

This tutorial shows you how to add, install and use a ScopeStatus extension to set all scopes in a diagram to be on or off at once.

Files for This Tutorial

ScopeStatus directory

The files for this tutorial are available at this location: <installation_directory>/tutorials/ScopeStatus.

Add and Install the Extension

  1. Select File > Extension Manager.
  2. Select the Add Extension button.
  3. Select the folder where the extension is saved: <installation_directory>/tutorials/ScopeStatus.
    The extension is added to the Extension Manager.
    After adding an extension to the Extension Manager, you must install it to enable its use.
  4. Select the Load button on the extension and slide right.
    The extension is now installed and is accessible from the ribbon:

Inspect the Extension Details

  1. Click the Details button on the ScopeStatus extension.
  2. Review the information such as the author and version.
  3. Select the View Documentation link and review the information that is available in the extension folder.

Apply the Extension to a Model

Use the ScopeStatus extension to set all scopes in a model to be off or on at once.
  1. Open a model that includes scope blocks, for example: View > Demo Browser > Activate > Activate Introduction > Boocwen.scm.
  2. On the ScopeStatus ribbon, click the Off icon.
  3. Verify that the status of the scopes is Off.
  4. Click the On icon.
  5. Verify that the status of the scopes is On.
    You've successfully applied the ScopeStatus extension to your model!