AcuSolve Training Manual

Introduction of background knowledge regarding flow physics and CFD as well as detailed information about the use of AcuSolve and what specific options do.

The AcuSolve training class is to teach engineers or students who have no previous experience with AcuSolve. The training class is intended to be a modular format that allows instructors to choose what topics to cover. Each module contains a detailed explanation of the content in the form of a reference (or training) manual, and comes with a condensed version of the content in the form of a presentation. The presentation material is intended to be used by the instructors for teaching the class, while the training manual is intended to be a resource for those that want additional information on a given topic. The training manual contains the following topics:
  • Brief introduction about CFD, its history, applications and advantages
  • Basics of flow phenomena, including flow models, governing equations
  • Turbulence physics and its modeling
  • Introduction to AcuSolve, its background and features
  • Hands on training on the use of AcuSolve and its supporting features using tutorials