hwtk::image - pathName ?option value? …


-hwtk::image cache image ?arg arg …?
Caches an image from a file into the environment. If a value is given for -name, then the referencing name of the image is that, otherwise it defaults to the name of the file that the image originated from. -state sets whether the image is normal or disabled.
-hwtk::image delete image ?arg arg …?
Removes the image image from the cache of images. If the -force option is provided, the image will be removed even if it is in use elsewhere.
-hwtk::image display ?image?
Displays a dialog showing all currently cached images.
-hwtk::image path ?arg arg ...?
Returns the list of directories where images originated from.
-hwtk::image trim image ?arg arg ...?
Trims the image image to only its non-transparent subsection.
-hwtk::image which image
Returns the path of the file that image originated from.