Altair HyperCrash 2022 Release Notes


Radioss Keywords Support
New Solver profile 2022 is added.
The following Starter keywords have been newly implemented or updated as per the latest solver version: /FAIL/ALTER, /MAT/LAW103, /LOAD/PBLAST, /PROP/TYPE14.
The new Engine keyword /ADYREL has been newly introduced or updated as per the latest solver version.

Resolved Issues

  • /PARAMETER evaluation is wrong with embeded templex functions.
  • //SUBMODEL: improvement of the error message when set version is not correct.
  • Conversion of Radioss /XREF into /EREF does not work.
  • Issue in importing the attached Nastran deck.
  • Improper export of seatbelt cards by HyperCrash leading to error in Starter.