NVH Director 2022 Release Notes


  • Optimization in Model Correlation
  • Flexible Rim Support in CDTire
  • Non-linear stiffness (Force Vs Deflection and Frequency Vs Stiffness) of engine mounts in Mounts Optimization

New Features

Optimization in Model Correlation
New option in Model Correlation utility to set-up optimization set-up for model updating of the simulation model to improve the correlation. Poor modal correlation between test-simulation results can be possibly improved by updating the simulation model. The new option of optimization allows you to create design variables in the simulation model, specify relevant objectives and constraints for the necessary correlation values and submit the optimization run.
Flexible Rim Support in CDTire
New option to consider flexible rim in CDTire handling. This advanced feature automatically creates connection between CDtire and Flexible rim, and allows you to study the effect of rim dynamics on NVH responses.
Non-Linear Stiffness (Force Vs Deflection and Frequency Vs Stiffness) of engine mounts in Mounts Optimization
New feature to specify non-linear stiffness of mounts in terms of Force Vs Deflection or Frequency Vs Stiffness in Mounts Optimization utility. This allows you to simulate real-life stiffness behavior of engine mounts for prediction for mount displacements and reaction forces for different operating conditions.
General Signal Processing for aero-acoustics simulations
New feature for general signal processing to predict NVH responses for aero-acoustic usecases.


Mounts Optimization
Enhancements in defining stiffness based constraints for engine mounts optimization in addition to existing frequency based constraints.
Model Correlation
Enhancement to support test UNV files with modal results partial directions by automatically identifying the directions with result data and use it for calculation of MAC.

Resolved Issues

  • Issue in identifying the subcase IDs in order cut analysis for result files from optimization run.