Create Assigned Plots

Assign a color to each element in the model, based on the values in the results file.

The elements are then displayed in the solid color assigned to them. This allows you to display elements that have values within a specified range.

The results file must include a simulation that contains one of the three forms of data types. Each data type is handled differently when it is used to generate a contour plot. When the assign function is performed, the objective is to take all of the results and place them at the centroid of the elements. In order to accomplish this, HyperMesh may have to average results before it can display the assigned plot.
element values
The results are already stored at the centroid of the element, so no further calculations are required.
nodal values and displacements
HyperMesh averages the results at the nodes to the centroid of the elements. For each element, this is accomplished by adding the results at each node and dividing by the number of nodes on the element. You should be aware that averaging is taking place when nodal values or nodal displacements are being used to create an assigned plot.
In the Contour panel, use the assign function to generate assigned plots.