Whenever Run has occurred, even from a previous session, as soon as a method table is available in HyperMesh, you can contour values.

  1. In the Certification Browser, select a design point method added to a design point set and select Contour.
    A new dialog opens with contour options.
  2. Click OK.
    Restriction: Contour is bound to element IDs. If method is aggregated to design point level, the table retains one (critical) element per design point. If the Entity Column is set to element ID contour will be plotted only on this critical element. In this case, switching the Entity Column to ddpid contours the same value on all elements of a design point. If a result is available per element, using the ddpid option contours only the first value overall the design point. It will not use any max/min.

    The Value Column lists only float data types. Loadcases are currently stored as strings and not IDs. In the event of an envelope, the table contains the critical loadcase, however it is not possible to create a fringe plot of critical loadcase IDs on all elements. If you select any of these loadcases, contour will be displayed only on elements that are critical for the selected loadcase.