Create 0D Elements Between Disconnected Nodes

In the steps below, you will create zero length elements and review.

This tool creates zero length elements (CELAS*, CGAP, CMASS* and CBush) from disconnected nodes within a given tolerance. It also has the ability to disconnect selected congruent nodes and create zero length elements.

  1. From the menu bar, click Aerospace > Connections > Zero Length Elements.
  2. Provide the correct tolerance to detect disconnected nodes within that tolerance.
    There is no need to select nodes manually, they are autodetected.
  3. Activate the Quick Find Coincident Nodes option and click Apply.
    The nodes that are disconnected display.
  4. Activate the Create Between Disconnected option and click Apply.
    0D elements are created.
  5. Click Cancel to delete the created elements that are not satisfactory.

    Figure 1. Find Disconnected Nodes Automatically (Apply)

    Figure 2. Create Elements Between Disconnected Nodes