Flutter Curves

Flutter curves enable you to read in .f06 files that contain flutter summary data for PK or PKNL solutions.

Restriction: Only available in the Aerospace-Nastran (MSC) user profile in Engineering Solutions.
  1. From the menu bar, click Aerospace > Aeroelasticity > Flutter Curves.
    Upon importing data, this application creates an internal table with data and allows you to select required point and result types to plot across any result types. The Plot Editor is used to post the plot.
  2. Click the Open file icon and select the .f06 file.
  3. Click Import to read the file.
  4. Select the specific table data.
  5. Select the data type on the x axis and y axis.
  6. Click Plot to move the data to the Plot Editor.
  7. Select the plot from the editor, and click the display checkbox to show the plot.
    You can select as many plots as needed, and select any desired plots to be displayed from the selected plots.
    Upon closing the plot user interface, all of the plots internally created will be deleted and a new set of plots will be created for every new session.

    Figure 1.