Perform Additional Operations on Data

The MinMax/Ranking/Envelope tool is an extension of the Results Query tool, and allows you to perform additional operations on data and get dedicated reporting.

Restriction: Only available in the Aerospace-Nastran, OptiStruct, Abaqus and ANSYS user profiles in Engineering Solutions.
  1. From the menu bar, click Aerospace > Results > MinMax/Ranking/Envelope.
  2. Click Start.
    A new dialog opens.
  3. Select the loadcases.
  4. Select the data type.
    Once the data type is selected, related data components, layers, corners, average method and systems are populated. You can select multiple data components, multiple layers, single corner option, single average method and single system.
  5. Click Set to create a new query entry.
  6. Select or deselect the Export option.
    You can have multiple query items and decide what to finally export among those available.
    Note: The ID is automatically generated, and cannot be modified. The entity type is automatically populated based on the binding among query setting and available entities. The number of selections is generated based on what you selected for Selection By. If you selected All, the widget is not active. For all of the other options, by clicking in the blank entry cell, the panel selection relative to either entity, component or set selection opens.
  7. Make your selections in the Method column.
  8. Select the components.
    This defines the sorting of Ranking and Envelope tools, as they will operate using that component, and will output other ones for the found entities.
  9. Make your selections in the Rank Number column.
  10. Select the file where the data will be stored (.csv format).
    The same file entry can be used for different queries. In this case, result blocks will be appended.
  11. Click Settings to set up the result precision and the separator for the CSV.