Map Thermal Loads

Map thermal loads from one model to another.

Restriction: Only available in the Nastran solver in the Aerospace user profile.
  1. From the menu bar, click Aerospace > Loads/BCs > Thermal Mapping.
  2. Select the Source Model.
  3. Select the Target Model.
  4. Set the Temperature Files (as load cards).
  5. Select the Output Directory, where the load files on the target model will be stored.
    You can then select the field mapping option and assign a default temperature that will be given to all the nodes in the target model that are not considered as structural ones.
  6. Optional: Activate Match Nodes (with tolerance).
    This forces the process to directly assign the same temperature from the source model to the same nodes on the target one, having the same ID and location.
  7. Optional: Activate Copy Deck Header.
    This allows the transfer of information from the source load file to the new one outside the pure thermal mapping (copy the header/comment from the deck).
  8. Optional: Activate Launch In Batch mode.
    The process runs in batch without impacting the current application.
  9. Optional: Activate Create HWASCII files.
    This creates a HWASCII file format for both source and target model of the thermal loads to be used for possible comparison in HyperView.
  10. Optional: Activate Keep CSV files.
    This forces the tool not to delete the .csv file used for the mapping process.
    An option to set the relative position in space (X,Y, Z) of the source model with respect to the target model is provided to help the mapping process in case of offset among the two.
  11. Click Apply.