Check Mesh Quality

Mesh quality can be checked using the Check Elems panel. The Check Elems panel allows you to verify the basic quality of your elements and to verify the geometric qualities of those elements.

For example, if you have created a quad, it is possible that the quad has some degree of warpage. You can use the warpage function to check the element for warpage and to specify the maximum allowable warpage for that element.

Another check available is for rigid loops. The rigid loops function allows you to determine if a group of one dimensional rigid elements forms a loop. After it checks for instances where this has occurred, it highlights those elements.

Note: Engineering Solutions treats second-order elements just like first-order ones for the majority of these checks. However, Jacobian and Chordal Deviation checks will return slightly different results for second-order elements than they will for first-order ones. For example, second-order elements may produce less chordal deviation, but might also produce a worse Jacobian value.