Objective entities define and store an objective for an optimization problem.

Objectives do not have a display state in the modeling window.

Nastran Cards

Card Description
DESOBJ Selects the DRESP1 or DRESP2 entry to be used as the design objective.
Note: Objective function, can be in or out of the load step; Belongs in the subcase section.
MAXMIN Objective functions for maxmin problems.
MINMAX Objective functions for minmax problems.

OptiStruct Cards

Card Description
DESOBJ Selects a single response definition as the objective function of an optimization, or to select system response definitions when the objective function is the least squares sum of these definitions. The DESOBJ command also indicates if this response is to be minimized or maximized.
Note: Subcase Information Entry
MINMAX or MAXMIN Selects normalized response or system identification definitions as the objective function for a "Minmax" or "Maxmin" optimization.
Note: Subcase Information Entry

Radioss Cards

Card Description
DESOBJ Specifies a response as the objective function of an optimization.