Vector Collectors and Vectors

Vector Collectors

Vector collectors collect and organize vectors.

Nastran Cards

Vectors can be used to define orientation directions for some 1D elements and forces, or to define the SNORM card. For orientation vectors, it is not necessary to load any card image data onto the vector collector. For SNORM vectors, you must load the SNORM card image onto the vector collector. Once this is done, all vectors organized into that vector collector will write out as SNORM vectors to the Nastran bulk data file.
Card Description
SNORM Defines a surface normal vector at a grid point for CQUAD4, CQUADR, CTRIA3, and CTRIAR shell elements.
Note: There is no card image associated with the collector. In order to view the actual SNORM cards, each vector must be individually card edited. Loading the SNORM card image onto the collector assigns the SNORM type onto all of the vectors contained in that collector.


Card Description
SUBDF / Substructure definition


Vector entities allow for the definition of a vector in 3D space. Vectors can be created using three methods; base & magnitude, two nodes, or cross-product.


Card Description
*DEFINE_SD_ORIENTATION Define orientation vectors for discrete springs and dampers.
*DEFINE_VECTOR Define a vector by defining the coordinates of two points.