Refine Mesh by Pattern

Create a regular orthogonal mesh.

Before you begin, make sure the initial mesh is a regular mapped quad mesh, and not a free quad mesh.

Figure 1. Pattern Based Mesh Refinement
  1. From the menu bar, click Mesh > Edit > Elements > Refine by Pattern.
    The Mesh Refinement dialog opens.
  2. Use the Select node: Nodes selector to select the center node to start the uniform mesh refinement.

    Figure 2.
  3. For Select system, select a global or local system to be used for mesh propagation and box alignment directions.
  4. Define the Refinement box, which determines the constant refinement zone.
    Elements inside this box should be the same size.
    1. In the mesh size field, enter the fine mesh size.
      The size should be smaller than the initial mesh.
    2. In the Length field, enter the length of the refinement box.
    3. To preview the box, click Review.

    Figure 3.
  5. Define the Transition box.
    1. In the Length field, enter the length of the transition box.
      The mesh will be transitioned to match the initial mesh.
      Note: The transition box should enclose the refinement box. The size of the transition box determines how aggressive the transition will be. It is recommended that you limit the transition to 1 element connection 3 elements (1:3).
    2. To preview the box, click Review.

  6. Click Mesh.
    Attached 1D elements are refined.

    Figure 4.