Setup Modal Analysis

Define modal analysis cards, such as extraction methods, frequency range, modes to expand, iterative solver tolerance, modes significance level and solution control options.

  1. From the menu bar, click Tools > Analysis Setup.
  2. In the Analysis Options dialog, set the modal analysis in the model.

    All commonly used cards and options for modal analysis in the ANSYS solver are listed in the dialog. You do not need to search for relevant cards in the control card list, and you do not need to know the control cards that are used for modal analysis. All other implied ANSYS cards, such as /SOLU, SOLVE are set up automatically. If any option or card is not required, then default values will be exported. For example, in the image shown below, if Mass and stiffness matrix multiplier value need not required.

    If modal analysis needs to be carried out in the ANSYS solver, this dialog needs to be set up before exporting the model to an ANSYS deck.

Figure 1.