Optimization Setup

Morphing can be used to create shape variables for optimization.

Note: A shape is not a shape variable, but by adding a desvar which points to the shape, it becomes a shape variable.

Create Shape Variables for Optimization Runs

Morph your model into the shape of the first shape variable.

  1. From the Tool page, click HyperMorph module.
  2. Click Morph.
  3. Select the Save Shape subpanel.
  4. Save morph shape for each shape variable you want to create.
    1. Save your morph as a shape.
    2. Click undo all to return to your base model shape.
  5. From the Analysis page, click Optimization module.
  6. Click Shape.
  7. Select multiple desvars.
  8. Use the shapes selector to select the shapes for which you want to create shape variables.
  9. Click create.
    A desvar for each shape is created with the initial value and bounds in the panel. Each desvar is given a unique name.
  10. Animate the shape variables.
    1. Click undo morphing if you did not click undo all after saving the last shape.
    2. Click animate.
Once you have created shape variables for your shapes, you can set up the rest of your optimization problem within the optimization module.