Dynamic Curve Names

When creating a curve using the Build Plots panel (Create Curves by File dialog), the curve name is defined by a Templex expression instead of a fixed string.

The Templex expression is visible in editable fields only. In non-editable fields, the evaluated expression is displayed. In most cases, the evaluated expression should match the text that was hard-coded in previous versions.

This feature is useful when you change the Y Request type on the Build Plots panel (Create Curves by File dialog). If you change the request type and click Apply (Plot), the curve name and label displayed in the window dynamically changes to reflect this.

For example, in the image below, the Curve field contains the Templex expression, which is editable. However, in the Curve list, the name of the curve is displayed because the Curve List items are not editable.

Figure 1.

This is also true for the y-axis label. The y-axis label displays the axis name. However, on the Axes panel, the Label field on the Text tab displays the Templex expression.

Figure 2.
The following HyperGraph panels/tools support this feature:
  • Build Plots
  • Define Curves
  • Axes
  • Headers and Footers - Header tab