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Reads PAM-CRASH and PAM-CRASH 2G DSY files (results files generated by the solver) into HyperGraph 2D.

No ESI license is required to use this reader. PAM-CRASH 2003 DSY files are also supported.

  • Displacements
  • Velocities
  • Accelerations
  • BEAMS and BARS
  • FAXI - Axial force
  • FSSH - Transverse S Shear force
  • FTSH - Transverse T shear force
  • MTOR - Torsion moment
  • MSN1 - S moment at n1
  • MTN1 - T moment at n1
  • MSN2 - S moment at n2
  • MTN2 - T moment at n2
  • MXX - Local bending moment about x-axis
  • MYY - Local bending moment about y-axis
  • MXY - Local twisting moment in xy plane
  • EPMA - Maximum plastic strain over thickness
  • EPMI - Minimum plastic strain over thickness
  • NXX - Local membrane stress resultant in x-direction
  • NYY - Local membrane stress resultant in y-direction
  • NXY - Local in-plane shear membrane stress resultant
  • THIC -Resultant shell thickness
  • SXX - Stress in X-direction
  • SYY - Stress in Y-direction
  • SZZ - Stress in Z-direction
  • SXY - Shear stress in XY-direction
  • SYZ - Shear stress in YZ-direction
  • SZX - Shear stress in ZX-direction
  • EPLE - Equivalent plastic strain
  • THIC - Resultant shell thickness
Stamp options


To run from the command prompt to convert PAM-CRASH or PAM-CRASH 2G DSY files into Altair Binary Files (ABF files):
  • -hgdaisy dsyfile outfile
To run in HyperGraph 2D:
  • By default, this reader is registered. If it is not, please register it before reading DSY files. It is located in the HWDIR\externalreaders\bin\$PLATFORM\plot directory. After registering the reader, you can read DSY files directly into HyperGraph 2D.