Plot Browser

The HyperGraph Plot Browser is located in the tab area sidebar and allows you to view the HyperGraph plot structure.

The Plot Browser tools allow you to search, display, and edit plot data within the current session. From the Plot Browser, you can select entities one at a time or several simultaneously using common selection techniques. You can also use the Plot Browser's context-sensitive menus to select entities. Many of the operations found in the HyperGraph panels can be performed in the Plot Browser, thus allowing you to modify your plot and curve properties in one location. Some of these operations include:
  • Perform single curve math and multiple curve math operations.
  • Rename curves.
  • Modify or delete curve properties, such as:
    • Curve attributes
    • Legends
    • Notes
    • Datum Lines
    • Axes
    • Plot options
    • Plot macros
The Plot Browser can be turned on or off using the View > Browsers > HyperGraph 2D > Plot menu option. A check mark indicates that the Plot Browser is activated for display in the tab area.
Note: The Plot Browser can also be positioned to appear on the right side of the page (the right tab area).

Figure 1. HyperGraph Plot Browser with the Plots view selected

Figure 2. HyperGraph Plot Browser with the Curves view selected

The following options can be used to change the display state of various entities in the Plot Browser tree.

Select All
Selects all entities shown in the tree.
Select None
Clears all entity selections shown in the tree.
Reverse Selection
Reverses the state of the items in the tree (displays the hidden and hides the displayed).