Multiple Sample Analysis, Loads MSA - Display

Plot responses for runs with highest and lowest responses for a particular frequency or a range of frequency.

Figure 1. NVH-Utilities Browser - Display tab (Loads MSA)

It is also possible to review the randomized values used for the variables in a particular run. From the Parameter Effects tab, plot sensitive parameters contributing to response scatter at a particular frequency. Before using this tab, you must first load a file from in the Load tab.

Run Info
Allows you to visualize responses for highest and lowest responses. Also allows review of parameter values used in specific run.
Speed Selection
Select an option to choose specific speed or speed range.
Specific Speed
Enter a specific speed or use the slide bar to select a frequency value.
Speed Range
Speed range indicates the available range, based on your result PCH file. Using the From and To fields, you can customize your own frequency band.
Show Highest, Lowest and Nominal
See the runs with highest, lowest and nominal runs.
Show highest runs
Select the number for which the you want to see the runs with highest responses.
Show lowest runs
Select the number for which the you want to see the runs with lowest responses.
Display Options
The Display Options dialog allows you to customize the plot, including scale, weighting, and the plot layout.
Click Display to display the response plots, for chosen number of highest/lowest runs.
Run Directory
Select the directory with Multiple Sample Analysis runs.
Run Number
Click the response curve and the corresponding run number is listed. It is also possible to enter the run number manually.
Review of randomized parameter value used in selected HyperStudy run.

Figure 2. Response for highest, lowest, and nominal runs with respect to vehicle speed (bottom X-axis) and frequency corresponding to imbalance planes (top X-axis)