Modal FRF - Plot Diagnostics

Plot the diagnostics.

Creates a bar plot of the diagnostic results at a specific frequency.
Enter a specific frequency in the Specific frequency field, or use the slider bar to select a frequency value. When you use the slider bar to select a frequency, a red line is displayed on the response plot and is dragged simultaneously as you drag the slider bar.
Show highest contrib
Select the highest number of contributors to display.
Diagnostic Type
Select the diagnostic results calculated from the modal results.
Display Options
The Display Options dialog allows you to further customize the plot.
Click Display to create and display the plot.
The following image illustrates Modal contributions and kinetic energy contribution for Modal based response at the selected concerned frequency and Modal animation for the selected mode from modal contribution bar chart.

Figure 1.

Figure 2. NVH Utilities Browser - Modal FRF - Model tab/Plot Diagnostics subtab