Optimization, RBDO - Optimization

Displays a list of optimized values for selected design variables used in an RBDO optimization.

Des. Vars.

Specify the input responses and design variables for optimization. Design variables are automatically calculated and populated from a DOE/Fit run. Specify the design space for optimization. The range of variation is automatically populated from a structures MSA input template file.

Figure 1.


Shows the list of responses for which the objective has to be specified for optimization.

Figure 2.


Shows the list of constraints for optimization.

There are also advanced options which can be used for optimization set-up. You can create and submit RBDO jobs once the set-up is complete.

Figure 3.


Shows the list of the optimized runs (optimum and feasible). You can compare responses, such as a baseline run versus a selected optimized run.

You can also review optimized values of design variables.

Figure 4.

Figure 5.