Set Plot Options for Radiated Sound

  1. From the Radiated Sound Display tab, select a contour type: Contour, Sand Dune, or 2D Line.
  2. If you select Contour:
    • Select an option from the Contour Selection drop-down menu.
    • Select a concerned frequency from the Frequency Selection drop-down menu.
    • This is the only option available if you select Sound Pressure as the result type.
  3. If you select Sand Dune or 2D Line:
    • Under Frequency range, enter values in the From and To fields.
    • Select the highest number of contributors to display from the Show highest contrib drop-down menu.
    • For Complex component, Magnitude plots the magnitude of the complex frequency values.
    • For Rank by, Magnitude RSS contributors are ranked by the root sum of squares of the magnitude of their participations at selected frequencies.
    Note: Sand Dune and 2D Line are not available for the Sound Pressure result type.
  4. Click Display Options to customize the plot.
  5. Click Display to plot the contour (ERP, Sound Power, Sound Pressure).

    Figure 1.

    Figure 2. Contour example based on octave bands