Transfer Path Analysis - Study

Perform a Partial sum, Modify path, Path overlay, or Randomization response study.

To enable this option, you must first plot the path contribution curves.

Study path contribution by
Select a subcase to study from the drop-down menu.
Choose between RPM or Frequency.
Frequency range
Indicates the available range, based on the frequencies your TPA has performed.
Using the From and To fields, you can customize your own frequency range.
The type of response study.
Partial sum
Select path contributions to exclude from the TPA response, with an optional percentage to exclude.
Modify path
Activate path modifications from the Path details dialog, and overlay the TPA response from the modified path with the original TPA response.
Path overlay
Select specific path contribution curves to overlay with the TPA response.
Select the paths for randomization.
% to Exclude
Optional field that allows you to exclude a percentage of the path contributions from the TPA response.
You can also filter path contributors to a smaller set by clicking the Filter Contrib. dialog.
Randomization Options
These options are active only when the Randomization option is chosen from the Type drop-down menu. You can enter the number of randomization runs as well as the magnitude and phase for the randomization of selected paths.
Select contrib. to:
Select the path contributions that you want to exclude or include in the response study.
Click All to select the entire list of path contributions.
Click None to deselect your current selections.
Click Flip exchange the currently selected path contributions for the unselected path contributions in the list.
Sum selection to one contributor
Sums selected contributors into one contributor for overlay. Only available for Path overlay study.
Show difference curve as
Shows a difference curve between the original TPA response and the Partial sum or the Modified path TPA response curves.
% of response
Difference curve shows the difference as a percentage of the original TPA response.
Scale same as response
Difference curve shows the difference using the same scale as used in the response plot.
Display Options
Launches the Display Options dialog, which allows you to further customize the plot.
Displays the response study plot once your selections are complete.

Figure 1. Partial sum plot

Figure 2. Randomization