Plot Data from a File with Complex Data Plus a Time or Frequency Vector

  1. From the Polar Plot toolbar, select the Build Plots panel.
  2. Using the file browser, select a data file containing complex data of PHA/MAG or REL/IMG. The file should also contain frequency values for complex data.
    HyperGraph populates the filename Subcase, Type, and Request fields.

    HyperGraph pairs up complex results and lists the paired names in the Component list.

  3. Select a Type, Request(s), and complex Component(s).
  4. From the Data Type drop-down menu, keep the default frequency data type for vector plots and change the default phase vs.magnitude plots.
  5. Click Apply.
    The curve names, header and footer axes labels, and page titles are created.
  6. The curves are plotted as vector plots or phase vs. magnitude plots. For the vector plots, it plot the vector(s) for the current frequency (animation step).
    Note: If no time or frequency vectors exist, the reader does not provide a Time or Frequency vector; a phase vs. magnitude plot is created instead.