Synchronize Windows

The Synchronize Windows feature allows you to manipulate multiple plots in multiple windows at the same time. Click the Synchronize Window icon, , from the Page Controls toolbar to access the dialog.

Please see Pages and Windows for more information.

The synchronization applies only to zooming and panning, and axis attributes. Other plot attributes, such as background color, foreground color, and so on, can not be synched.

The following updates, when performed in any of the synchronized windows, will be performed in all synchronized windows:
  • Zooming/panning
  • Tics/grids
  • Axis format
  • Axis units
  • Updates will apply to secondary axes as well, where applicable. If a selected window is model, text or video window, then it is ignored.
  • Synchronize Windows for plots overrules the Axis panel's Fit Range option, located on the Scales and Tics tab.
  • Only windows with the same number of axes will be synced.
  • Changing the scaling and the units of an axis will be used in the synced axis of the other plots.
Start Synchronization
The Synchronize Windows dialog allows you to set the synchronization settings and begin the synchronization.

Figure 1. Synchronized Windows dialog
The dialog displays the product types in the different windows. Select the windows to synchronize by clicking on the square.
By default, all windows are displayed in the current graphics window background color, indicating that these windows are active for view synchronization. You can click on each of these rectangles (which represent a page window) to exclude it from the synchronization. The background color of the window will change to the same color as the dialog for all windows that are excluded.

Figure 2. Synchronized Windows dialog with three excluded windows
To include a currently excluded window, simply click on the rectangle again (and the background color will change back to the current graphics window background color).
The Synchronize Windows dialog remains on top until you click OK, or close it.
Changes to the window, page, and window layout (for example, adding new windows or pages) can still be made while the view synchronization is running. If a new page is added using the add page or cut/copy/paste options, and the synchronized view mode was "on" prior to the addition, then the new page (and all the windows in that page) will be linked by default - until the mode is changed or stopped.
Stop Synchronization
Stops the synchronization across all windows/pages. To stop the view synchronization, click the active Synchronize Windows icon, , on the Page Controls toolbar.
Note: No pop-up dialog is associated with this option.