Learn more about H3D writer with these FAQs.

How can I view a model with shaded display in HyperView Player?
The model display settings are recorded during H3D creation. Set up the desired model display, with such options as mesh lines and feature lines, in the Vis panel under the Performance Graphics mode in HyperMesh.
Why doesn’t the legend setting in HyperView Player reflect the setting in HyperMesh?
HyperView Player only supports default settings for the legend display from HyperMesh. The specified Max and Min values in HyperMesh are not recorded in the .h3d file of this version.
Can I view complex result animation in HyperView Player?
No, the H3D writer does not support complex result data.
What types of element are not supported in the H3D file?
Second order elements, rigidlinks, and RBE3s are not supported in this version. The mid-side node of a second order element is ignored when it is read into HyperView Player.
How can I change the window size for viewing HyperView Player in the browser?
You can modify the width and height values in the <EMBED> statement in the HTML file. For example, width = 600, height = 600.