Save Parts

Parts and part assemblies without a UID cannot be saved to the Library. Considering this, the UID field in the Save Representation dialog is user editable.

  1. In the Part Browser, right-click on part assemblies or parts and select Representations > Save from the context menu.
    A checkmark in the Available column indicates that the representation already exists in the repository. A checkmark in the Library column indicates that a revision is already available in the Part Library.
    The Save Representation dialog opens.
  2. Edit the Major Revision and Study Revision columns to reflect the intended revisions.
  3. To overwrite representations that already exist in the repository, select the Overwrite available checkbox.
    Note: Original CAD representations will not be overwritten because the original file location is stored as a link on the part. Enabling Overwrite available saves an HyperMesh binary file of the modified CAD representation in the repository.
  4. To only save parts locally, disable the Save to Library checkbox.
  5. Click OK.
Unavailable parts are saved, and available parts are overwritten and saved if Overwrite available was selected.

Figure 1.