Subsystem Browser

Create, organize and manage the CAE subsystem level models using any entities.


From the menu bar, click View > Subsystem Browser.

The browser opens in its own tab in the tab sidebar. You can undock the browser so that it appears as a free-floating dialog.

To create subsystems, you should use the Subsystem Browser with the Model Browser and Part Browser open at the same time.

Subsystem Browser Interface

The Subsystem Browser consists of two panes. The first displays subsystems in the model along with attributes such as representations and revisions, along with other entities contained in each subsystem. The second pane is the Entity Editor.

Figure 1.

Configure the Subsystem Browser

You can configure the Subsystem Browser in the following ways.
  1. Add or remove columns in the browser by right-clicking on a column heading then checking or unchecking the appropriate attribute.
  2. Sort by a particular entity by clicking on the heading of each column. For fields that are alphanumeric, repeated clicks will toggle ascending or descending order.
  3. Filter columns by placing the cursor to the far right of the appropriate column heading. A filter icon displays, which allows you to input the filtering text.
By default, the following attributes are listed as columns:
Expandable list of subsystems and entities.
Identification number of the subsystem and entities.
Color of the subsystem and entities.
Subsystem and part unique ID.
The Major, Study, and Library revision of the subsystem and contained parts.
In-session and loaded representation for the subsystem.
Subsystem entity active status.
FE Style
Current FE style for components inside a subsystem.