LS-DYNA Utility Menu

The LS-DYNA Utility menu contains shortcuts and tools that can help simplify LS-DYNA tasks. Set the user profile from the User Profiles option of the Preferences menu.

The LS-DYNA Utility menu on the Utility tab is automatically loaded when you select the LS-DYNA user profile.

The LS-DYNA user profile sets the FE input reader to DYNA KEY and loads the dyna.key (ver 971) FE output template and LS-DYNA Utility menu. Also, the graphical user interface becomes LS-DYNA focused, renaming or removing some panels and/or options. The entire ALE Setup is available only when the LS-DYNA user profile is loaded.

Tools Menu

The LS-DYNA Utility menu contains a Tools menu in addition to the standard HyperMesh Utility menu. This menu includes special time-saving setup macros and other features that are specific to an LS-DYNA analysis.