Invoke HyperStudy

Run HyperStudy as a Standalone Product

Run in standalone mode for HyperWorks.
To run on Do this
Windows platforms From the Start menu, click Programs > Altair HyperWorks > HyperStudy.


Drag and drop a .hstx study file into the HyperStudy icon on your desktop to open the study.

PC from the DOS prompt Run the following executable (where platform is win64):
<install directory>\hst\bin\<platform>\hst.exe -studyfile "<filename>.hstudy" options
Linux platforms Invoke via hst in <install_dir>/scripts/hst

Run HyperStudy in Batch Mode

Run in batch mode.
To run on Do this
Windows platforms Invoke via hstbatch.exe in <install_dir>/hst/bin/winXX
PC from the DOS prompt Run the following executable (where platform is win64):
<install directory>\hst\bin\<platform>\hstbatch.exe -studyfile "<filename>.hstudy" options
Linux platforms Invoke via hstbatch in /Applications/AltairHyperWorks/2022.1/altair/scripts/hstbatch.

HyperStudy Start Options

Option Argument Description Supported Platform
-archivefile <filename>.hstx Import the specified HyperStudy archive file. All
-delete None Deletes the contents of the run directory before each run. All
-editfile <filename> Launch the HyperStudy Editor without having to open HyperStudy entirely.

<filename> is an optional name of the file to open in the Editor.

-ex None Experimental mode (Ctrl-Alt e). All
-h or

-help or


None Executable documentation. All

Use -H on Linux

-logfile <filename> Enable the writing of logfile.

If no file specification is provided, a default name will be created ( hyperstudy_log_<pid>.txt) in your $HOME area or current working directory if ${HOME} is not defined.

-multiexec Number of concurrent jobs Run HyperStudy batch mode with the multi-execution option. All
-nobg None Run HyperStudy in the foreground and not in the background. Linux
-o filename1 Used in conjunction with unit testing. All
-overwrite None Overwrite existing files and directories. All
-preffile filename2.mvw Preferences file for batch _run. All
-s None Display application status information.

For diagnostic purposes, –v –s can be used in combination to run in dual mode on Windows. On UNIX, use the –nobg –s option when using the HyperWorks startup script.

-studyfile filename3.hstudy Load an .hstudy file upon opening HyperStudy from the command line. All
-v None Incrementally adjust the Verbose flag (Ctrl-Alt v). All
-wait None Pause the console window. Windows