HyperStudy Overview

A multi-disciplinary design exploration, study and optimization software.

HyperStudy enables you to explore, understand and improve your system's designs using methods such as design-of-experiments and optimization. HyperStudy generates intelligent variations of the parameters of any system model and reveals relationships between these parameters and the system responses. By using HyperStudy, you can make better decisions and optimize the performance, reliability and robustness of your systems.
Figure 1.
HyperStudy provides engineers and designers a user-friendly environment to:
Improve Design Performance and Quality
HyperStudy includes state-of-the-art, innovative optimization, design of experiments and stochastic methods for rapid assessment and improvement of design performance and quality.
Reduce Development Time and Costs
HyperStudy helps engineers reduce trial-and-error iterations and hence helps to reduce both the design development and testing time.
Increase Productivity through Easy-to-use Environment
HyperStudy's step-by-step process guides the user in setting up and carrying out design studies. Its open architecture allows easy integration with 3rd party solvers.
Powerful Dataset Analyses
Comprehensive set of post processing and data mining methods simplify and aid an engineer’s job of analyzing and understanding large simulation datasets.
Improve Simulation Correlation
HyperStudy's optimization capabilities can be applied to improve correlation of analysis models with test results or with other models.