Creating a Formability Contour Based on Distances

  1. Load a simulation using the Load Model panel.
  2. Go to the FLD panel.
  3. From the study list, select the study to be used for the current plot.
  4. Click the FLD tab
  5. Select the components to be used for the FLD plot.
  6. For Result type, select Strain and the layer at which the FLD is being created.
  7. For Display, select Distance contour.
  8. Click Apply.
    The model window displays color contours based on the distances between each point corresponding to the element major and minor strain plotted on the FLD and the FLC. The positive distances correspond to points above and the negative ones below the FLC.
    The plot window colors the strain points based on their location with respect to the failure, marginal, safe, loose metal, or compression zones.