Control the Stacking Order of 2D Image Planes

The Z-Stack sub-tab allows you to control the stacking order of all of the image planes and the model. Image planes that contain static images or videos can be arranged as background or foreground in the graphics area (2D image planes). Multiple image planes can be stacked for better visibility. In the case of 2D image planes, multiple media may obscure the visibility of images underneath. The Z-Stack controls the order of display of the image plane.
  1. From the 2D Image Plane tab, click the Z-Stack sub-tab.
  2. Select an item in the list and use the arrow buttons located on the right side of the sub-tab to move the item up or down the list.
    The item at the top of the list (above <<MODEL>>) will be placed in the foreground of the graphics area, while the item(s) below are placed in the background (based on their order in the list).
    Note: <<MODEL>> represents the analysis models loaded into HyperView and drawn in the modeling window. If multiple models are overlayed, they will only be displayed as one item (<<MODEL>>) in the list.