Change the Display Options

You can control the display for all measure types using the Display Options.

  1. From the Annotations toolbar, click Measures .
  2. From the Measure panel, select a measure group from the Measure Groups list.
  3. Use the following options to set the display.
    Option Description
    Transparency Activate the check box to remove the color from the measure group box and make it transparent against the window.
    Auto-hide Activate the check box to hide the measure group box when the selected entities are not visible on the screen.
    Prefix Active the check box to show the prefixes for the measure readouts (for example, "Value =").
    Format Allows you to select either the Fixed or Scientific format for the measure labels.
    Precision Allows you to set the numeric precision from 0 to 10 decimal points
    Angle Allows you to select either Degrees or Radians as the unit format used to display the angle.