PreTest - Load Tab

The PreTest utility's Load tab allows you to select and load the normal modes results files and filter modes and also select nodes for PreTest and Driving Point Residue calculations.

Modes Filter

Using the Modes Filter tab, you can select modes from selected subcases, defining a frequency range, or by filtering the frequency values manually.

Figure 1. PreTest - Load Tab - Modes Filter

Node Selection

Use the Nodes Selection tab to automatically identify the nodes or manually select nodes from the model, for MAC and DPR calculation. You can also create plotel between the chosen nodes.

Figure 2. PreTest - Load Tab - Nodes Selection
Element Selection
Select Mass and/or Plotel and enter a length filter to identify element configurations.

You can also select 1D, 2D, and 3D elements by activating those check boxes.

Automatically identifies the nodes from the model for MAC and DPR calculations, based on the advanced selections satisfying user-defined off-diagonal threshold criteria or number of nodes.
Off-Diag Threshold
User-specified target value for off-diagonal MAC value to be satisfied with automatic identification of nodes. The number of nodes identified automatically should result in an off-diagonal MAC value less than or equal to the specified threshold value.
No. of Nodes
Maximum number of nodes (sensor locations) to be identified automatically with optimal placement on the model, resulting in the minimum possible MAC.
Advanced Selections
Percentage of max disp.
Identify the nodes (portions) on the model having a displacement equal to or more than the specified value.
Min. Distance
Minimum distance criteria for the identification of the nodes.
Manually select the nodes on the model. You can create the plotels between selected nodes.
MAC and DPR Calculation
Modal Assurance Criteria (MAC)
Calculates the MAC for the selected nodes.
Driving Point Residue (DPR)
Calculates the driving point residues for the selected nodes.