Files View

The Files View displays all of the loaded model files in the upper portion of the browser and the properties assigned to the currently selected model file in the Entity Editor in the lower half of the browser.

Figure 1. Results Browser - Files View
This view allows you to change the visibility of the models. In addition, you can use the context menu in this view to do the following:
  • Delete models.
  • Rename models.
  • Change the current model.
  • Show/Hide/Isolate/Isolate Only.
  • View the model status on the current model or on the marked model file.
  • Configure the Files View section of the Results Browser.
You can sort the models by clicking on the heading of each column. Click the Entities heading to sort alphabetically by name, or click the ID heading to sort numerically by entity ID, etc. Repeated clicks on the column heading will toggle between ascending and descending order.

Figure 2.

Entity Display Icons

Entities/models are displayed or hidden by toggling the corresponding icons (located next to each line item in the view). The following rule applies:
  • A bold icon next to an entity represents that the model is currently displayed.
  • A dimmed icon next to an unchecked entity represents that the entity is turned off from display.


The currently assigned model color displays in the column. To change a model’s color, left click on the current color in the Results Browser and select a new color from the palette.


The currently assigned model ID displays in the ID column.
Restriction: This ID cannot be changed/edited.

Color by

You can access the Color by mode by left clicking the small icons in the column for each model. A pop-up menu opens from which you can choose the new mode:
Color By Component
Set the current color by mode to Component.
Color By Model
Set the current color by mode to Model. The current model color that is displayed in the Colors column will be used.
Color By Normal
Set the current color by mode to Normal. A positive normal side will be displayed in red and a negative normal side of an element will be displayed in blue.
Color By Part
Set the current color by mode to Part.

Entity Editor

The Entity Editor section of the Results Browser allows you to view and edit various model conditions/properties. Click on a model file in the upper portion of the browser to automatically display the properties assigned to that model in the Entity Editor. See the Model Files topic in the Entity Editor section for additional information.