Local Display Tools

The Local Display Controls affect the visual style of individual entities (such as shaded or wireframe).

These controls are located within the tree list, and each affects the specific entity that it appears beside.

Entity Display Icons

Entities are displayed or hidden by toggling the corresponding icons (located next to each line item in the tree view). The following rule applies:
  • A bold icon next to an entity (components/parts, systems, etc.) represents that the entity is currently displayed.
  • A dimmed icon next to an unchecked entity represents that the entity is turned off from display.
  • For section cuts - the graphical manipulator is linked to the entity display. Therefore if a section cut or streamline rake is not displayed; the display of the graphical manipulator is also turned off.


Certain entities can be colored individually. The Results Browser allows you to set each entity’s color without using the Entity Attributes panel. The currently assigned color displays in the column.
To change an entity's color: click the current color box in the Results Browser, select a theme from the drop-down menu (Default, Median, or Rainbow), and pick a color from the palette.

Figure 1. Color Picker
  • You can also change an entity's color from the Entity Editor.
  • Click in the color palette to assign and save custom colors.

Display Mode

Components (parts), Sets, and Streamlines have several display states. You can select these display modes by left-clicking the small icons in the column for each component, set, or streamline.

Left-clicking opens a pop-up menu from which you can choose the new style.

Depending on which option you select, the entity displays differently:
Wireframe elements
Shaded elements and mesh lines
Transparent elements (no mesh)
Shaded elements and feature lines (no mesh)
Shaded elements (no mesh)